Cooking. Baking. Tasting. Sharing.

I'm Christy Edmonds and food is my passion.  I have enjoyed cooking since I was a little girl growing up in Alabama and have been making entire meals for my family since I was ten.

I left the Deep South for college in the Big Apple where I met my husband and managed to woo him with some of the meals we still eat today.

More than twenty years later, we have added three gorgeous children to our brood, who have grown up with the idea that all good food begins at home. Playing personal chef to four very different palates can be a challenge, but at least I am always up for it.

I am an avid collector of cookbooks and recipes found in magazines and the Internet.  I love to come up with my own recipes or tweak those I come across.  I began food blogging as a means to share the recipes we are loving at home. Each recipe comes with a little story attached.  I believe cooking is a snapshot of our origins as well as our personalities.  I hope my stories give you a glimpse into where the recipes come from and serve as a little glimpse into our family life.

food therapy

when there is so much to do, there is always time to make good food