I'm two months into starting my food blog and it has been such a fun experience. I'm not sure what took me so long to jump on the blogging train, but here I am! Choo! Choo! The most fun part of doing a food blog has to be the cooking, otherwise why do a blog all about food? Now I actually have a legitimate reason to try new recipes, surf the internet for fabulous ideas, and share my recipes with the world wide web.

Speaking of the world wide web (I don't think anyone under the age of 60 still refers to it that way, but it's fun to say), blogging has definitely brought me into the world of social media.  I had no idea how many ways there are to connect and just how out of touch I was.  What a learning curve! I knew Twitter. I had an account. But, I did not KNOW Twitter.  To me, a hashtag was just some clever and witty way to succinctly describe your short message or picture from Instagram.  Little did I know, you can actually use these hashtags (or pound signs, as the over 30 crowd knows it) to bring people to your site and find your Tweets. This might sound obvious to those in the know, but apparently I am ancient in the eyes of tweeters.

One of the other tricks of the trade I am slowly learning is how to photograph food. I've looked at numerous pictures from blogs such as




. They just know how to make food look like it's going to jump from the computer screen into your mouth.  It's not as easy as it looks. The funniest image of me is at dinner every night making everyone stand around the table and wait for me to take pictures of our meal. It comes before blessings, but they're getting used to it (not without complaining though).

Speaking of pictures, they do tell a thousand words. To me, they say, "Please buy new cookware. Please!" I need new bakeware, new plates (with no chips), new serving pieces. I need a whole new kitchen wardrobe. Guess what I'm asking for this Christmas! It's an investment to my brand, right?

Now for the positives...I am having fun.  I'm having fun learning and cooking. My whole family is so supportive and has been begging me for a while to do something with my cooking.  Of course, there are fringe benefits...such as licking bowls and sampling dishes.  I also love becoming familiar with all of the other food bloggers out there and expanding my repertoire. Their stories, such as Becca John's


 blog, are engaging and enlightening.  Bloggers, like Becca, are funny and helpful, giving great blogging advice to newbies like me.

Just recently, I even had the opportunity to review a pie recipe for another blog. I can't post the recipe yet, but here are some pictures.  Who wouldn't want an excuse to make chocolate heaven shaped like a pie!

To those who are following me already, thank you! I hope to continue growing and improving what I can bring to your table. Remember, I'm always doing it with a big smile on my face.

Were you wondering what my kitchen looked like after cooking?