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I started the Food Therapy blog two years ago in order to bring the recipes I make for my family to the online world.  I am often asked how I find the time to cook every night for my family and what kind of recipes are good, healthy, and easy for every day weeknight dinners.  We all have our winning meals that our families eat over and over again.  They are typically easy to make with no thought going into the preparation and cooking because they've been prepared repeatedly.  It gets boring.  Today, the family cook has taken to surfing the web or going on Pinterest to find new ideas in order to liven up weeknight dinners and add some variety to weekly menus.  

Food Therapy is a blog dedicated to finding recipes that work for families of all types and tastes, sizes and ages.  I bring the recipes to my readers that I've created and have been taste-tested by my band of eaters.  The goal of Food Therapy is to make homemade meals easy to put together and doable for all of those busy families trying to make the best choices without sacrificing taste.

Viewership on Food Therapy has grown greatly over the past two years.  I have expanded beyond recipes to include cookbook and restaurant reviews, not to mention a little personal blogging thrown in here and there.  As a result, my viewership brings in all types of people and some of my most popular posts are related to my family life and the restaurants we visit, not simply the recipes.

Site Statistics (as of 4/12/2016, from Google Analytics)

Total Views:  23,689 views 
Monthly Pageviews:  2,071 from March 14 to April 12
Most Popular Post:  A Trip to the Minibar (762 views)

Facebook:  102 followers, 1,413 impressions over past 30 days
Twitter:  66 followers
Pinterest: 141 followers, 3,359 average monthly viewers
Google+:  72 followers, 178,282 views

Writing and Speaking:
I am a talented freelance writer with a B.A. in English literature from Barnard College at Columbia University.  I also have a PhD in Child Development from the University of Maryland in College Park.  Next to my love of food comes my love of writing and editing.  Give me a subject, and I will give you a well-researched and well-written article.  It can be a review of a product, restaurant, or cookbook.  It can also be an article written about a particular subject for a magazine, blog, or website.

Brand and Product Promotion:
As an avid recipe developer, I am constantly in search of new products and ingredients that can be used in the kitchen.  I am open to working with brands in order to bring information and new products to my readers' kitchens.  Some possible promotions I offer:

  • Brand Ambassador
  • Product Reviews
  • Restaurant Reviews
  • Cookbook Reviews
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Giveaways
  • Events
  • Recipe Development
  • Travel Promotions
I am open to many ideas that can help increase my own website traffic as well as promote your business.  As partners, we can work with each other in order to help one another.  Please contact me at with questions or interest.