I love to eat out almost as much as I enjoy cooking.  There is something to be said for being waited on and getting to leave your dirty dishes behind for someone else to clean.  More than anything, I enjoy eating out at new places and experiencing exciting dishes that I will probably never make in my own kitchen.

Below, I am compiling a list of recent restaurants where I have dined.  I won't be talking about Chick Fil A, Noodles and Company, and Panera, which I probably frequent more than I care to admit.  The list will start off small (bear with me), but my goal is to keep adding and adding as much as possible, which of course means I have some "work" to do getting out and about and sitters lined up!

If you have any suggestions for places for me to try, especially in the DC/Baltimore area, please send me a comment or email me directly. I love suggestions.

Washington, DC: