The kitchen is the soul of my house.  It is the place you can most often find me either cooking a meal or cleaning it up.  It's the room where the family gathers to talk about their day, do homework, and hang out. It is my haven.  And, when the week is full of chaos and I have a gazillion things on my to-do list, the only way to decompress (and procrastinate...quite a nasty habit of mine!) is to find something to bake.  Some folks relieve stress by running or working out, others just enjoy vegging out.  For me, it's cooking.  

Obviously, for cooking to be a means of relieving stress, I have to love food and be passionate about the process.  And, ask anyone who knows me, I am indeed passionate about food, good food.  I absolutely love the smell of the herbs, the glisten of sugar on my scones, and the feel of dough I am shaping into breads.  I am an avid gawker of foods in magazines and an active recipe tester.  Always on the lookout for something new.

I'm bringing this blog to you in the hope that you can feel some of that same passion.  I only add recipes after the whole family has tasted them so that I can give you a true opinion about ease of making the recipe and whether it passed the family taste test.  Since I also believe every recipe has a story to tell, I throw in a few stories just to keep things interesting.  

Our latest change has been the slow incorporation of a plant-based lifestyle, otherwise known as veganism.  The change has happened completely for one member of our household and at a different pace for each of the rest of us.  Join us on our journey with new recipes to try.  My kitchen is constantly evolving, as am I.  I hope you'll take the time to share our new culinary adventures and try some of these recipes yourself.

Enjoy! And Bon Appetit!