Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Twenty-five Days of Cookies (and bars)

Coconut Pecan Cookies
 It's that time of year.  That's right.  It's time to get your bake on.  The turkey, the dressing, and all of those pies have all been eaten.  The thought of anything pumpkin flavored turns your stomach.  And, that means it's time to start baking cookies.

Ready to be baked (and, yes, I will eat some dough and make myself sick)
 Last year, we were in the throes of moving, and I totally missed out on baking all of the cookies I love.  The kids' teachers and our friends missed out, too.  Typically, I bake a variety of cookies and send them in as gifts.  Last year it just didn't happen, and it really made me sad, guilty, sad again.  This year changes everything.

The old stand-by, nothing wrong with a chocolate chip cookie
 In order to celebrate the season, I am beginning December 1st with a countdown to the big day: 25 days of Cookies (and sweets of all kinds).  Every day, I will bring you some of my favorite treat recipes.  Some will be my own and some will feature my favorite bloggers as well as some cookbook recipes I've been dying to try.
Fudge, fudge, fudge 
So, turn your thoughts from pumpkins and pies and look forward to gingerbread smells, powdered sugar snow, and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. It's my favorite time of the year.

Sugar cookie dough ready to roll

Gingerbread cut-outs with sugar crystals 
Palmer with nutella and pecans

Jimmy John says let's go! 

For the first installment, I am re-posting one of our very favorite cookies:  Sand Tarts.  These buttery, pecan cookies go quickly in our house.  Gary gets so possessive of them that he puts out an order every year to not give away so many.  I usually have to bake a second batch just to keep him happy.  Check out and get to baking!