Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wednesdays with Logan

Wednesdays with Logan

One of my favorite ways to spend Wednesdays with Logan is a trip to the movies.  I absolutely love to go to the movies. I love the whole experience: the popcorn, the candy, the dark theater, the big screen, and the love of being entertained for two hours with no interruptions.  It wasn't that long ago that movies were completely out of the picture for us.  Logan was too young to sit still for any length of time.  By nature, he is an energetic child, who not only doesn't like to sit still but can't keep his mouth shut for more than five minutes at a time.  Taking him to the movies put fear in me.  How would I keep him quiet and in his seat without both of us losing our cool and having to walk out?

Over the past year, my growing boy has matured.  At least, he's matured enough to get us out to the movies occasionally.  The new problem is that most of the movies he wants to see are in conflict with what the older two want to see.  Getting a nearly fourteen-year-old teenager to sit through anything animated gets the big "No!".  I can't exactly take him either to watch Katniss and company fight each other to the death as they compete for food and their very lives.

Well, thank goodness I have Wednesdays.  And, thank double goodness for the wonderful new theater in Laurel, Maryland.  Yes, that's right! We went to Laurel for a fabulous time at the movies.  If you know anything about Laurel and this particular location, it was formerly the location of the doomed shopping mall.  When I first moved to Laurel, the boyhood home of my beloved husband, the Laurel Mall was beginning its rapid decline.  It did not have much to offer as far as shopping goes even back then.  At the time, it was home to three department stores: Hecht's (deleted from existence), JC Penney's (not sure about that one), and Sears (standing strong, kind of).  Laurel Mall was also home to about ten or so jewelry stores, all competing with one another and in the process succeeding in nothing.  I never understood the logic in approving yet another jewelry store to open when there wasn't a prayer of success. I'm guessing they were desperate for the rent.

In any case, this mall had one shining spot in our eyes and that was it was also the location of one of the best fried chicken spots I've ever been to (next to the Piggly Wiggly in Enterprise, Alabama).  I can't even remember the name except the word "Hen" in the title.  Gary and I went on almost a weekly basis back when we could actually eat fried chicken on a weekly basis.  Eventually, the restaurant disappeared as did all of those jewelry stores.  The mall became a joke in the area, the parking lot too sketchy to linger in, and it became the place where businesses came to die.

At long last, the mall was demolished. Out of the ashes has emerged a decent outdoor Town Center with various restaurants, a few stores, and this lovely theater.  Logan's movie choice was Home.  His only request for the day was that I wear my hair in a ponytail.  He knows how he likes his ladies.  My brief review of the movie in case you're wondering:  cute for about 30 minutes, dragged out and cheesy in the last 30 minutes, and maybe worth the video.  Not an extensive review, I know, but it's about all you need to know.  The theater, however, was definitely worth the trip and many more trips to come.

First of all, we had the entire theater to ourselves.  We didn't plan it that way, but going to the movies, especially kids movies, in the middle of the week definitely has its benefits.  The theater has roomy, soft reclining seats.  With a press of a button, our backs went back and our feet went up.

And, with a lift of an armrest, we had our own cuddling station.  All we needed was our cozy blanket to complete the moment and probably put me to sleep in about five minutes, give or take.  Each seat also had its own tray that swiveled in and out.  We could lay our treats out and not worry about balancing the food and spilling on our clothes.

The whole experience really made it worth leaving home to watch a movie.  These days many homes have the big screen tvs with surround sound, making it hard to want to sit in uncomfortable chairs and squished between strangers.  This took all of the comfort found at home and plopped it in the theater with a bigger screen and much bigger surround sound system.  Our added plus was the unplanned private screening. It didn't take long at all before my little entertainer was up in the aisles dancing to the songs.  And, yes, I took out my phone...IN THE THEATER!!!  I took pictures AND I texted them during the movie to Gary.  I even left the flash on. Gasp!! So obnoxious, but there were no witnesses.

Logan and I ended our day by celebrating Burger Week.  Did you know it was Burger Week?  Neither did I until the blogosphere erupted with picture after picture of every kind of burger you could imagine.  I'm not a regular burger eater, but I could not get them off of my mind.  What did Logan think? Well, you don't have to ask him twice. He's all there.

We decided to try out BurgerFi, which I'd heard about but never been to before.  The burgers are similar to my favorite spot for a burger, Five Guys.  You can create your own burger and choose from a variety of toppings.  It's made fresh.  For me, however, the success of a burger spot is the fries.  BurgerFi did not disappoint on this front.  The fries weren't cut too thick so that they were dry and stuck in your throat (you know the feeling).  They weren't cut too thin that they were crispy.  They were just right and browned just shy of being considered burnt.  Add the malt vinegar I love so dearly, and I was satisfied.  I couldn't leave without one more fry.  Okay, maybe another.  Fine, I'll stuff my mouth with as many as it can hold while carrying my tray to the trash can.  Waste not, want not.  Shameless.

Wednesdays with Logan

With our bellies full, a beautiful sun shining from above, Logan and I walked to the car hand in hand and my ponytail bouncing to our steps.  At this point, that was the last bouncing I could muster.  Once I hit home, you could have just rolled me over stuck a blanket on me.  Full bellies in the middle of the day means this Mommy needs a nap.