Thursday, November 6, 2014

Wednesdays with Logan

Be very afraid (of the boy, not the dog)
I know, I know.  I started a new feature on the blog two weeks ago and already failed in my weekly update.  Yet, sometimes life and all things driven by to-do lists cause you to run out of time and that was me last week.  Instead, Logan and I did what many across America do when they have time on their hands...they spend their mornings at Target. Yes, Target, people.  It's fun times with a four-year-old the Wednesday before Halloween shopping through aisles with costumes and their various accessories, candy galore exploding down the aisle, and whining voices wanting this and can I get that.  Logan is quite the negotiator, too.  It makes his daddy beam with pride and his mom say repeatedly, "No, no, no.  End of story period.  Do you hear me?"  Does it end there? No, it does not.  He is a relentless chap.

As if he really needed another mask
As an example of his negotiation tactics, we found ourselves in the toy aisle. Yes, I asked for it. Call it a martyr complex.  Logan really, really, really wanted an Iron Man mask.  I mean really.  He pointed out that we already had an Iron Man costume that had been Aidan's.  He suggested that if I got him the costume he would be Iron Man for Halloween.  We had half of it already and his Power Ranger mask was broken. I took the bait. What if I couldn't fix that broken mask to his satisfaction. I am officially a sucker.  For one day, he wore that mask and he was, indeed, Iron Man (Tony Stark when the mask flipped up). Yes, one day to be exact and it wasn't Halloween.
Riley was not about to miss any of the flying pumpkin bits

Sweet and Salty Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
 In the afternoon, we went ahead and carved our pumpkins.  If I haven't mentioned it before, Logan is my chef-in-training.  He is the only child in the family who really takes a keen interest in food and cooking.  He is also quite good at it.  He pours carefully and slowly without dumping and watching the splatter.  He stirs patiently and holds his bowl steady the whole time.  And, his favorite activity is "baking" something special for mommy, which includes grabbing random ingredients and spices and combining them in a bowl.  I smile at this since it was also one of my favorite secret activities when I was four and left to my own devices in the kitchen.  All of that being said, Logan has taken his precocious abilities and believes they also apply to the cutlery, making him already an expert with knives at the age of 4.  You can imagine the image of a four-year-old reaching for the knives as he steadies a pumpkin with the other hand while saying, "Let's get started." Knives? Pumpkins? Eeek! I don't think so.  Suffice it say, an argument occurred in the kitchen as a pried him away from the butcher block and handed him markers to draw the faces on the pumpkins. Whew! It's called redirection.

Homemade costume number 1

Homemade costume number 2 with plastic knives on hand
The rest of our week was spent baking and toasting pumpkin seeds.  Logan went through several costumes as I'm sure you can imagine and finally ended up with the costume of choice on the big day.
Final costume change (for the day, as it turned out)
Then came this past Wednesday and it was our day alone again.  This time it was my turn to find a costume.  Gary and I have a gala to attend next Saturday for the Kidney Foundation.  Last year, we were severely underdressed. We thought surely not everyone at this event will be in tuxes and gowns.  Let's just say we were among the maybe three people not in formal wear. I've had all year to rectify the situation because, believe it or not, (I say sarcastically) I do not own a formal gown.  Yes, it's true.

Logan is all about the selfies
So, Logan and I began our morning heading out to Nordstroms in search of a dress for Mommy.  Being all of five feet in stature, full-length gowns that don't make me look like a five-year-old playing dress-up in her mom's clothes are hard to come by.  Surprisingly, for once in my lifetime, they actually had a lot of dresses to choose from and I was very happy with my final choice. Logan enthusiastically helped me make my decision and gave his opinion for each dress. Ultimately, I went against his wishes and did not choose the sparkly flapper dress he liked the most since it was "so cool" when I spun around, but I am very happy with my choice.
Logan didn't know what to do with all of those mirrors except pose, of course
 Of course by the end we couldn't finish fast enough. Logan knows when we are in Nordstrom's and his belly is calling, the cafe is the place to go. Here I am looking through dresses as ladies are looking through the bras and panties which are right next to the dress racks.  Logan starts chatting away as he begins running his hands through the fancy panties and squeezing the bras to tell them all about his lunch plans and how he just loves the pizza at the cafe.  Have they ever had the pizza? It's the best.  Can we go now? Ugh, I'm starving!

The best pizza ever

Chicken club with brown sugar bacon and avocado
At long last, his patience paid off and we headed to lunch.  By the way, they really do have good pizza.  I, on the other hand, went out of my comfort zone with my usual salad and had a chicken club.  It was delicious as well and might become a new favorite.  They did it up just right by serving it with bacon coated in brown sugar that paired well with the salty chicken breast and the always and forever favorite of mine, avocado.  I ate the whole darn thing.

What to do next Wednesday? I'm not sure yet.  I am looking forward to going somewhere fun.  I'm feeling burned out doing the usual scene and might venture somewhere different.  Any suggestions?  In the meantime, you can find Logan and me probably in the kitchen.  We have been baking up a storm lately and trying recipes from some of my favorite cookbooks.  Coming soon: at long last cookbook reviews featuring some of my favorite recipes from them.  Breads, cookies, sides, etc. Stay tuned for more!