Monday, April 14, 2014

Don't Cry for Me Argentina

My three amigos
I know I've been a bit MIA lately, but I do have my reasons.  First off, I have been playing the role of travel agent and organizer for a certain party of three...a job I have realized is quite a bit more challenging than I previously thought.  I mean, honestly, it has to be one of the most unappreciated and time-consuming jobs.  You suss out all of the information, give it to your "client", they tell you what they want and what is most important.  You make decisions based on their feedback and still you don't quite get it right.  Apparently, I didn't make extra sure my "client" was actually listening.

In any case, my "clients" consisted of my husband, daughter, and oldest son, Aidan.  They left for Argentina last week for a week-long soccer extravaganza organized by one of Aidan's coaches, Sergio Flores.  Quite the experience for a 10-year-old boy, I'd say.  I stayed behind with the three year old.  Don't feel sorry for me. I am not crying Argentina.  Traveling with Logan on a 13-hour flight is not my idea of a vacation.  We would easily be snapping each other's heads off at the end of the flight if we had tagged along.  I am a bad enough passenger in the air.  Tack on an energetic three year old? No thank you.

I spent the week before they left finalizing details, getting itineraries and paperwork in order, and packing bags.  Did I mention worrying? You'd think I was actually going on this trip! I worried about the flight, how they'd function when they got there, and most especially how they'd function without me.  I am your classic household micromanager.  Guess what? They have survived and are having a great time, enjoying the sights and the culture.  With not a lick of Spanish in their belt, they are getting by. Amazing!

I spent the first night that they left wandering aimlessly around the house.  It is weird walking by the kids' rooms with the doors open and dark when I went to bed. Madison's room still reeked from her One Direction perfume that she practically bathes in repeatedly throughout the day.  It can give me a headache from its cloying power, kind of like their music.  Yet, just like their music, it actually grows on you in its familiarity and associative powers.  And, just like I find myself humming their songs, the scent of that perfume made me miss my girl that much more.  I won't go into Aidan's musty soccer clothes smell in his room.  Even that smelled good!

I have had a really nice time with my Logan, and I like to think he is enjoying himself with me and having me all to himself.  The most fun part of our time so far was making cookies for my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah luncheon.We baked our very favorite chocolate chip cookies from Food52 ( and my Lemon Rosemary Cookies (, inspired by Two Peas and their Pod, which were a hit.

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony was wonderful.  Seeing RJ surrounded by generations of family rooted in tradition and grounded in the love of this big moment made me miss my gang that much more.
My handsome date
We spent the night dancing away, at least Logan did.  That boy knows how to get his groove on! The room was filled with smiles and laughter.  And, Logan crashed almost as soon as he got in the car.

Best of all, the weather is gorgeous. The trees are blooming and the grass is green. On Sunday, we potted flowers, prepared the soil in the garden, and planted a few veggies and herbs.

Life is good. I'm missing my family but now I'm off to my mom's for a visit.  One-on-one time with Grandmama! Here we come!

I will be back at work creating new recipes soon. Be on the lookout!