Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014

The holiday season has come to an end and it's on to a new year. What a whirlwind it's been for us since Thanksgiving.  With the house repairs, workers in the house every day, dust, dust, and more dust, I am happy to report our house is back to normal with the added plus of new carpet and newly painted walls. Insurance is the best!

I had high hopes for the season and my blog.  But, alas, life got in the way. Let me tell you it is hard to find a way to cook and blog when your "office" has been taken over by plastic, sanding dust, and paint.  I did, however, manage to get my cookies baked and packaged even if it was done in a frenzied and chaotic way (note the barrage of posts I added to my site shortly before Christmas).  I also managed to get my shopping done, presents wrapped, and bags packed to visit my mom in Atlanta. And, what a pleasant trip that was.
All of the cousins

Best part of Christmas was the after-dinner performance by the kids
Surrounded by family and happy kids while not in my house was one of the best parts of the season.  After a few days away, we packed up again and loaded both kids and dogs into the car for the long trip back home.  With the added bonus of my brand spankin' new refrigerator, this cook can now begin to enjoy her kitchen again.

And with that, we enjoyed our traditional Southern meal with the new year, feeding our superstitious sensibilities with pork, greens, and black-eyed peas.  And, don't forget the corn pone patties!  Health, luck, and money in the new year. Now, I can rest, kind of. At least getting back into a routine will help ease the hectic lives we've been leading.  Getting up early in the morning isn't fun, but getting back to work is.

What will 2014 bring? I'm not sure but I have plans.  I hope it will bring more success to Food Therapy.  I've only been at it for a few months but already I'm thrilled to see so many followers and to know that somewhere beyond my kitchen other people are enjoying the recipes I love to create for my family.  With the coming year, I'm looking forward to new recipes to post, more pictures to stare at, and continuing to grow my site.

Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly Puff Pastries with Kefteles Meatballs

Decadent Chocolate Flourless Cake
So, now we move from the holidays to the end of football season. Yes, as a Redskins fan, our season ended as soon as it got started, but it doesn't mean we can't party with the other teams.  'Tis the month of finger foods, appetizers, and chili, warm fires and fun desserts.  Look for some of these items coming soon to a computer near you.  First chance, the National Championship game this coming Monday.  War Eagle, my friends!